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Daily Vocabulary Quizzes With Cash Prizes - Play these entertaining vocabulary quizzes and be entered into our drawings. Over $500 in cash and merchandise are given weekly for the vocabulary quizzes, our math games, and our trivia contests. The vocabulary quizzes are geared to SAT/GRE prep.

Daily trivia contests with cash prizes! - Play trivia contests for cash prizes. Current topics are history and astronomy. The contest is new every day except Sunday.

Bingo Blitz- Free Bingo for Cash Prizes - Bingo Blitz is free to play and offers cash prizes in every game. Chat with other players while you play.

Instant Games - Instant Games are quick, fun, multi-player games that you can play right in your browser. Every Instant Game has built-in chat and instant matchmaking. Click on a game and in less than a minute, you can be playing with another person online.

About PuzzleCast's Game Center - Play FREE games, puzzles and trivia contests for prizes.

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